Two Fortnite dataminers have dug up evidence pointing toward the officially

Two Fortnite dataminers have dug up evidence pointing toward the officially unnamed event’s imminent arrival. Though Epic Games hasn’t made any announcements itself, leaks discovered by poring through the game’s files point to a new countdown timer that’s soon to come online, as well as in-game changes such as the disappearance of the doomsday device from Midas’ secret headquarters.

Fortnite dataminer spedicey1 recently managed to trigger the appearance of a new in-game countdown clock. Fortnite loves a good countdown, and it looks like fortnite v bucks generator this one may mark the time until the event that begins the end of the current season and the start of Fortnite chapter 2 season 3. Note that the time itself shown in this tweet isn’t meant to be accurate, it’s just a demonstration of how the countdown clock will appear in-game.

Fellow fortnite dataminer Hypex also discovered evidence pointing toward the countdown, as well as some other in-game changes. You know that doomsday device in the background of Midas’ office? It isn’t going to stay put for much longer. It isn’t yet clear where (if anywhere) the doomsday device will appear out in the world, but you don’t typically want to set those things off right in the belly of your lair.

The current season was originally set to end in April, but Epic Games gave it a roughly month-long extension. The new season is now set to begin on June 4, and if previous season transitions are anything to go by, things are going to get weird before Fortnite settles into a new normal.

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